When Facebook announced their quarterly results a week ago, they confirmed that their biggest focus has been putting video first. It’s no surprise that video is on the rise – the number of people “going live” at any time has increased four-fold! So if you’re nervous about live video, Zec Media is here to help.

What does this mean for small business owners? Well, as always, it is good to get in early to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing. And guess what? Small business owners also have some distinct advantages when it comes to video:

Your customers can connect with real people

Huge corporate companies may have marketing budgets, but they often spend a lot of time and money trying to replicate what all small business owners have and sometimes take for granted: real people with relationships with real people. Video allows you to connect with your customers and they can easily see who you are, what is important to you and why they would want to connect with you.

You can act quickly

A small business can take an idea from conception to completion much more quickly than a large company. Often the decision maker is you, or you have easy access to them. If you are willing to take action, the sky is the limit! Grab your phone and do a Facebook Live video right now! (I’m serious – do it!)

You don’t have to be perfect

The unpolished nature of live video suits small businesses who are willing to use it – there is no production cost, it is casual by nature and it is extremely versatile. Nobody expects live video to be perfect, and this can really play to the strength of small business, because they can just take action and get the video done. Of course you want to look professional and reflect well on your brand, but it doesn’t have to be perfect!

You can stand out from the crowd

Despite all these reasons why it is so easy for small business owners to use live video, few do. Why is that? Well, besides small business “overwhelm” (an excuse … a valid one, but still an excuse), there is also the fact that few people feel totally comfortable doing live video. The good news is that you can still do it, and you can stand out from the crowd.

As small business owners, we often have to put ourselves out there, and let’s face it, most of our fears never come true. Live video doesn’t have to be perfect, it gets easier with practise, and if you are willing to try it, you will stand out from the crowd.

So … still nervous about live video? You CAN do it!

If you want to see a great example of someone who uses Facebook Live really well, check out Naomi Ferstera’s Facebook Page. She uses Facebook Live most days for her business and does a great job!

Also, if you haven’t already joined my exclusive closed Facebook Tribe where I provide free updates, training and bonuses (and, yes! I use Facebook Live in the group!), then you should request to join now.